NRC Data-Based Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs

The National Research Council (NRC) released its third study of research doctorate programs on Tuesday, September 28, 2010. (Click here to download study results.) The goals of the assessment are described in the study's Methodology Guide:

The Assessment of Research Doctorate Programs conducted by the National Research Council (NRC) provides data that allow comparisons to be made among similar doctoral programs around the United States, with the goal of informing efforts to improve current practices in doctoral education. The assessment, which covers doctoral programs in 61 fields at 222 institutions, offers accessible data about program characteristics that will be of interest to policymakers, researchers, university administrators, and faculty, as well as to students who are considering doctoral study. Furthermore, the assessment analyzes and combines these data to create ranges of rankings that allow the comparison of different doctoral programs within a field.

Thirty-one doctoral programs at Case met the criteria for the study and were included in the NRC's taxonomy. The extensive data collection process included four questionnaires: for programs, faculty, admitted-to-candidacy students, and the institution. Data collection involved a cooperative effort by Graduate Studies, academic departments, and Institutional Research, and was carried out in late fall 2006 and spring 2007.

The report does not provide a single ranking for each program. Rather, it includes ranges of rankings in four areas:

Overall quality (with implicit and explicit versions)
Research activity of program faculty
Student support and outcomes

For more information, see:

An explanation of how the NRC rankings are calculated
Variables included in program ratings
CWRU Programs to be rated in the NRC study
CWRU Programs not included in the study

For questions about how to interpret the study results, please contact Institutional Research.

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