Part of the Office of Planning and Institutional Research, IR’s mission is to provide accurate, consistent, and timely information about Case Western Reserve and its external environment to constituents within and outside the university. We also develop and carry out a comprehensive program of research and analysis to support strategic planning, assessment, evaluation, and institutional decision-making.


Information Requests

IR serves as a clearinghouse for statistical information about the university, its peers, and higher education in general. Faculty, staff, and students can contact us with requests for information for grant proposals, surveys, accreditation reports, or other needs.

Survey Research and Analysis

We conduct student and faculty surveys on a regular schedule to study longitudinal trends and assess institutional goals and priorities. Much of the survey data we collect can help offices evaluate their programs and services. We can help members of the CWRU community formulate researchable questions and provide relevant analysis of our survey data. See “Do you need a survey?” We also review questionnaires and assist with survey design.

Project Consulting

IR provides coordination and support for special projects with institution-wide impact, including reaccreditation, state reauthorization, and ad hoc university committees and task forces. Committee members can contact us about providing customized data and analysis.

Wind Turbines at CWRU

The university’s wind turbine was erected this fall near the Veale Athletic Center. The structure, a 100-kilowatt unit that is 156 feet tall at the top of its upright blade, will provide a portion of the Veale center’s power and will offer key opportunities for alternative energy research.
In addition to research, the turbines will offer opportunities for local companies to create, test and commercialize wind energy-related technologies. Learn More.