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From the dawn of humankind to the advent of the human mind, the Center for Human Origins at Case Western Reserve University is the scientific source for human evolution. discover our evolution»


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Research at the Center for Human Origins!

CHO scientists conduct research into the origins of human beings and human diversity. Here are selected major publications with links to articles in the scientific literature authored by CHO scientists.

N.B.: Off-campus users may need to use VPN to access articles online.

Homo erectus

CHO/ISO Fellow Scott Simpson broadens our understanding of the pelvis of Homo erectus. Article in Science. See also this 2008 Simpson article in Science:


CHO/ISO Fellows discover skeleton of human ancestor, Ardipithecus. Article in New York Times.

Human Variation and Adaptation

CHO/ISO Fellow Cynthia Beall on Andean, Tibetan, and Ethiopian patterns of adaptation to high-altitude hypoxia. Article in Integrative and Comparative Biology.

Lofty Explorer: Cynthia Beall

CHO & ISO Fellow Cynthia Beall's unique research program takes her to mountain highlands all over the world. Her innovations in science have led to important break-throughs in understanding how human beings adapt to high altitude. A prominent member of the National Academy of Sciences, this world-famous physical anthropologist has spent the last 35 years conducting field work in the Himalayas, Andes, East Africa, and beyond.

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