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From the dawn of humankind to the advent of the human mind, the Center for Human Origins at Case Western Reserve University is the scientific source for human evolution. discover our evolution»


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Center for Human Origins

Associated with the Institute for the Science of Origins, Case Western Reserve University, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and a consortium of area institutions, the Center for Human Origins seeks to better understand where we came from, why we look and act the way we do, and what our past says about who we are and where we're going.

Our Origins and Ourselves

CHO & ISO Fellows work around the globe to see how humans fit into the natural world, how they adapt to local environments, how our ancestors lived and died, and what these things can tell us about modern life, anatomy, physiology, human physical capacities and weaknesses, nutrition, orthopedics, biomedical innovation, the human condition today, and what our future may hold.

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