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Holiday and Special Events


The ISF plans activities all year round, but also plans for special events during the holiday season. Please check out our Calendar of events for updates.

Some of the activities we plan during the year include:

  • Thanksgiving and Christmas
    Hosting students with american families during Thanksgiving and Christmas days. Providing an american experience of festivity on this two holidays.
  • Apple Picking & Pie Making
    Here in Ohio, a fun thing to do during the Fall season is to go pick apples in an apple orchard. There is nothing like fresh, crisp, juicy apples straight from the tree. Crunchy and Yummy!
  • Amish Country Excursion
    Over the past years, our group had enjoyed going over for a day excursion in the Amish Country. Who are the Amish people? Come and check out their cooking and their farmstead, see how they live and why they live the way they do.