At Case Western Reserve University, we understand that financing a college education is an important consideration for nearly every student. We realize that tuition, fees, and other expenses make it difficult for many students (and their families) to finance the cost of attending a college or university without some form of financial assistance. To that end, we operate a sophisticated program of financial aid and scholarship opportunities to assist students and to ease the financial burden that a college education may represent.

Each year approximately three fourths of our undergraduate students receive assistance, either in the form of need-based financial aid (loans, grants, work study) or merit-based academic awards and scholarships, or both. Sources of this support are many and varied and can be both internal and external to the University. These sources can best be explored by applying for financial assistance since you may be eligible for either or both forms of assistance.

If you have any questions please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 216.368.4530 or

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