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Vision Statement, Mission and Values

Vision Statement

We seek to have transformational impact on all who teach, learn, discover and work here so they are prepared and engaged to serve humanity. As a great research university, we must embrace responsible risk-taking in pursuit of bold aspirations for national and global leadership.

  • We combine experiential learning with rigorous scholarship in our undergraduate and all educational programs to produce educated learners who are awake to new possibilities.
  • We invest in the arts, humanities, and social sciences as important areas of scholarship and as an essential foundation for preparing morally and socially responsible life-long learners.
  • We build on our existing strengths, including engineering, biomedical sciences, and professional education, and pursue productive partnerships with other outstanding institutions.
  • We are guided by our values at every level to promote a diverse, challenging, supportive, entrepreneurial, and interdisciplinary environment of openness, respect, accountability, and academic freedom.
Mission and Values

“Willing is not enough; we must do.” -- Goethe

As a university guided in all of its labors by values defined and sustained by constant moral discourse, we hold ourselves accountable at every level of the institution for practicing our values of integrity and respect, excellence and innovation, mentorship and diversity, academic freedom and entrepreneurship, partnership and social responsibility, efficiency and effectiveness, and continuous personal and institutional improvement.

As an educational institution dedicated to leadership in teaching and learning, we seek to transform all learners – faculty and staff as well as students – and support their personal growth and mentorship throughout their lives. We seek to lead the nation as the research university where the challenges of creating new knowledge support the values of a liberal education, where rigorous theory and practical, real-world experiences come together.

As a research institution dedicated to leadership in scholarly investigation, we seek to transform knowledge itself, focusing resources into those areas of research and scholarship where we can have the greatest national and global impact. In addition to research targeted to specific ends, we also accept our responsibility – unique to research universities – to create and disseminate knowledge for its own sake, and we promote a culture of inquiry marked by rigor, creativity, curiosity, innovation, respect, sensitivity, open communication of ideas, and lifelong learning.

As a service-oriented institution dedicated to civic leadership, we seek individually and collectively to transform society by preparing our students to improve the human condition and by directing the benefits of discovery toward a better society. Our uniquely transforming environment is not limited to the university’s own classrooms, laboratories, libraries, residence halls, and athletic fields, but includes partnerships with many other great institutions, including those concentrated in University Circle, Greater Cleveland, Northeast Ohio, and beyond. To “think globally, act locally,” we build these partnerships in the service of national and international leadership, believing that our ability to improve the human condition throughout the world should begin within our own community.

Case Western Reserve University strives to create a unique synergy among our education, research, and service missions, which we view as inseparable. Organizationally, this means that we eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy, striving to be the most efficiently run research university in the world in order to keep our focus on productivity and maximize opportunities for inter-departmental, inter-school, and inter-institutional collaboration. Educationally, this means that student experiences in cultural institutions, clinics, social service agencies, or industry are not viewed as “extra-curricular,” but combine with the demands and rigors of academic theory to create the transforming learning experience that is a Case Western Reserve education.