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Jonatha M. Gott, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Center for RNA Molecular Biology (Faculty since inception; joined Case Western Reserve University in 1991)


Education: Ph.D.: Molecular Biology SUNY Albany, 1987

Post-doc: University of Colorado, Boulder

Secondary Appointment in: Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology, Department of Biochemistry

Email: jmg13

Office Location: Wood Blgd. W113

Office Phone: 216-368-3930

Office FAX: 216-368-2010

Laboratory Location: W105

Laboratory Phone: 216-368-0278


Curriculum Vitae

Research:  Mechanistic studies of

Mitochondrial RNAs of Physarum polycephalum are subject to a range of editing events, including specific insertion and deletion of nucleotides and base changes. The goal of our research is the elucidation, at the molecular level, of the mechanisms of RNA editing in this unique model system We have found that the insertion of non-encoded nucleotides occurs co-transcriptionally. Our data suggest that the "extra" nucleotides are added by the mitochondrial RNA polymerase itself, but that other proteins are also required for this process. Ultimately, our work should shed light on the mechanisms of both editing and transcription elongation, leading to insights into the control of gene expression.


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Select Publications

Landweber, L. F., Horton, T.L., and Gott, J. M. Nucleic Acid Biodiversity: Rewriting DNA and RNA in Diverse Organisms. In: Encyclopedia of Biodiversity.  Elsevier, in press (scheduled for 2013).

Gott, J. M.  Mechanisms and Functions of RNA Editing in Physarum polycephalum. (2013)  In: RNA Editing: Current Research and Future Trends (ed. S. Maas), Horizon Press: Norwich. 

Jackman, J. E., Gott, J. M., and Gray, M. W.  (2012) Doing it in reverse: 3’ to 5’ polymerization by the Thg1 superfamily.  RNA 18, 886-899.  doi/10.1261/rna.032300.112

Bundschuh, R., Altmüller, J., Becker, C., Nürnberg, P., and Gott, J.M.  (2011) Complete characterizaton of the edited transcriptome of the mitochondrion of Physarum polycephalum using deep sequencing of RNA.  Nucl. Acids Res. Nucl. Acids Res. 39(4), 6044-6055.  doi:10.1093/nar/gkr180 [featured article]   

Abad, M.G., Long, Y., Willcox, A., Gott, J.M., Gray, M.W., and Jackman, J.E.  (2011) A role for tRNAHis guanylyltransferase (Thg1)-like proteins from Dictyostelium discoideum in mitochondrial 5'-tRNA editing.  RNA 17, 613-623.

Gott, J. M. (June 2011) RNA Editing and Human Disorders. In: Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (ELS). John Wiley & Sons, Ltd: Chichester.  DOI: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0005494.pub2

Bullerwell, C.E., Burger, G., Gott, J.M., Kourennaia, O., Schnare, M.N., and Gray, M.W. (2010) Abundant 5S rRNA-like transcripts by the mitochondrial genome in amoebozoa. Eukaryot Cell 9, 762-73

Gott, J.M., Somerlot,B.H., and Gray, M.W.  (2010) Two forms of RNA editing are required for tRNA maturation in Physarum mitochondria.  RNA 16, 482-488.

deHaseth, P.L. and Gott, J.M.  (2010)  Conformational flexibility of 70 in anti-terminator loading.  Molecular Microbiology 75, 543-546.

Rhee, A.C., Somerlot, B.H., Parimi, N., and Gott, J.M.  (2009)  Distinct roles for sequences upstream of and downstream from Physarum editing sites.  RNA 15, 1753-1765.

Beargie, C., Liu, T, Corriveau, M., Lee, H.Y., Gott, J.M., and Bundschuh, R. (2008) Genome annotation in the presence of insertional RNA editing. Bioinformatics. 24(22), 2571-2578.

Gott, J.M., editor (2007) Methods in Enzymology: RNA Editing, volume 424. Elsevier Press.

Gott, J.M., editor (2007) Methods in Enzymology: RNA Modification, volume 425. Elsevier Press.

Byrne, EB, Visomirski-Robic, LM, Cheng, YW, Rhee, AC, and Gott, JM (2007) RNA editing in Physarum mitochondria: assays and biochemical approaches. In Methods in Enzymology: RNA Editing and Modification. Elsevier Press, pp. 143-172.

Gott, JM and Rhee, AC (2007) Insertion/deletion editing in Physarum polycephalum. In RNA Editing (Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology Series), Springer, pp. 85-104.

Gott, J.M., Parimi, N. and Bundschuh, R. (2005) Discovery of new genes and deletion editing in Physarum mitochondria enabled by a novel algorithm for finding edited mRNAs. Nuc. Acids Res. 33, 5063-5072.

Byrne, E.M. and Gott, J.M. (2004) Unexpectly complex editing site patterns at dinucleotide insertion sites in Physarum mitochondria. Mol.Cell Biol. 24, 7821-7828.

Byrne, E.M., Stout, A. and Gott, J.M. (2002) Editing site recognition and nucleotide insertion are separable processes in Physarum mitochondria. EMBO J 21, 6154-6161.

Byrne, E.M. and Gott, J.M. (2002) Co-transcriptional editing of Physarum mitochondrial RNA requires local features of the native template. RNA 8, 1174-1185.

Cheng, Y.-W., Visomirski-Robic, L.M. and Gott, J.M. (2001) Non-templated addition of nucleotides to the 3' end of nascent RNA during RNA editing in Physarum. EMBO J 20, 1405-1414.




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