Goals and Objectives

During training, each Resident will master the following skills:


The rotation in diagnostic virology, viral serology and molecular diagnostics lasts one month.

Duties and Responsibilities of Residents by Year

Because the core curriculum is taught at one point in the Resident's training, responsibilities do not change on a yearly basis.

Residents will spend time at each laboratory bench in order to learn proper techniques for identification of viral pathogens by culture, serology, or detection of viral antigens.

Residents will process a given unknown specimen for identification, and will review their diagnosis with members of the virology laboratory staff.

Residents will sign out all positive or suspected positive tests with the Attending Pathologist.

Teaching Staff

Yung Huang, PhD - Director of Virology Rotation

Scott Hite, MT, MS, ASCP

Debbi Briggs, MT, ASCP

Supervision and Evaluation

Residents meet on a regular basis with the Attending Pathologist and with the lead technologists for supervision.

Residents are evaluated on a monthly basis with regard to acquisition of the Core Competencies listed in this Program Statement. Evaluations are forwarded to the Residency Program Director, where they are available for review.