The CORE Modules

There are 5 Core Modules in the Visual Sciences Research Center: Tissue Culture & Hybridoma, Molecular Biology, Microscopy & Digital Imaging, Histology, and Specialized Animal Resources with a Vision Function submodule. Each module provides essential research support to over 30 CWRU departments that comprise the VSRC, providing genotyping services, high quality images, microscopy training, image analysis, high quality parrafin or cryostat sections and slides, histological stains, cloning and construction of the purest strains of mice. The VSRC Core Modules are here to enhance the quality of research in the most accurate & economical manner. Please cite the Core Grant on all publications: EY11373.

Histology, Microscopy and Imaging


Molecular Biology and Genotyping

Specialized Animal Resources

Tissue Culture and Hybridoma

Bioinformatics/Biostatistics (pilot)