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›› The block field experience of the MS Public Health Nutrition Internship Program is an eight to ten week full-time supervised practice experience at a large public health agency. This experience is carefully planned to enhance the student's professional growth and development. The student's career goals and interests are always incorporated. Block field experience sites are located outside the state of Ohio.  Program faculty spend a great amount of time arranging for the block field experience including preliminary orientation to the agency.

›› The block field experience preceptors are typically working in high-visibility positions which greatly enhance the student's learning and establish valuable professional networking. Program faculty may visit the student while on block field experience.

›› The block field experience counts for one credit hour towards the student's required credit hours and is also part of the 1,200 supervised practice hours of the dietetic internship. 

›› Students are required to submit a written report of the block field experience. This report (approximately 75-100 pages) includes: an analysis of the factors which determine the policies and programs of the agency, in-depth descriptions of the nutrition programs and services of the agency, and a report of the student's activities and projects completed during the block field experience. An oral report of these data is also required. Department of Nutrition faculty and students in the program attend these oral reports and benefit from this valuable exchange of information.



›› Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Adolescent and School Health  (Atlanta, GA)

›› California Department of Public Health (Sacramento, CA)

›› Arizona Department of Health Services (Phoenix, AZ)

›› North Carolina Division of Public Health (Raleigh, NC)

›› Massachusetts Department of Public Health (Boston, MA)


Please direct all questions to:

Tamara Randall, MS, RDN, LD, CDE, FAND
Phone: (216) 368-6630


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