img Overview:
This 5-year dual Doctoral Degree program is specifically intended for students planning on following an academic career that includes teaching and research either in the basic science or applied components of Nutrition.

The Department of Nutrition TRACK has the following course requirements:

The CORE COMPONENTS of this dual-degree consist of the following:

  • 3 to 6 graduate-level courses in a track of the student's choice based on his or her interest;
  • 6 credits of medical school coursework;
  • a common seminar series
  • a training in scientific integrity, and
  • a one-year research project culminating in a written report and examination by the Nutrition Department faculty.


There is no tuition charge for the research year, and a stipend is provided.


There is no tuition charge for the research year and a stipend is provided by the Department of Nutrition. Learn more.

Click here to see the 'PhD in Nutrition Policies & Procedures" documents. This 5-page pdf will provide a few more insights into our program.Learn more.