Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism.track [1]


This track requires extensive coursework in stable isotopes and metabolomics with a focused metabolic research project.  However, there is an opportunity for elective coursework - one specifically tailored both to the research interests and career goals of each student.

The doctoral student must complete courses in:

Metabolic Regulation

Molecular Nutrition

Advanced Human Nutrition


Elective studies

Additional information about graduate degree programs may be obtained directly from the department by calling:

(216) 368-2440 Pamela Woodruff  
(216) 368-6429 Sophie Kochheiser


MS in Nutrition (or equivalent).  This requirement may be waived for applicants with exceptional academic records and research potential.

Upon admission to the Doctoral Program in Nutrition, the department Chair (Dr. Henri Brunengraber) will assign the student a selected academic advisor from the doctoral level faculty.