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Students in the molecular track also must take the BSTP Cell and Molecular Biology Course (CBIO 453/455) as well as Molecular Nutrition (NTRN 455).   There is however ample opportunity to take elective coursework tailored to both the research and career interests of each student.

The doctoral student must complete courses in:
    Metabolic Regulation
    Molecular Nutrition
    Advanced Human Nutrition
    and elective studies

Whether in the Molecular Nutrition or in the Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism track, all students participate in research (each semester) starting with their first semester.   In order to allow adequate research time, students take only 2 courses each semester and the rest of the credits (total of 9) consists of the research course NTRN 561.

Additional information about graduate degree programs may be obtained from the department.

Pam Woodruff  at  (216) 368-2440 or  Dr. Hatzoglou at (216) 368-3012


Completion of the following is required prior to starting the doctoral coursework:

- MS in Nutrition (or equivalent).  This requirement may be waived for applicants with exceptional academic records and research potential.

- Upon admission to the Doctoral Program in Nutrition, the department Chair (Dr. Brunengraber) will assign the student a selected academic advisor from the doctoral level faculty.