General Program Information

For admissions and MD requirements, please see the MD Dual Degree Programs section of the 2013-14 General Bulletin.

This track is designed to provide medical students with more in-depth knowledge and research experience in nutrition. Students may elect to focus on nutrition biochemistry and metabolism or molecular nutrition or clinical nutrition.

The student’s mentor or the Graduate Program Director will assist the student in selecting the appropriate courses for their interests.


Students in Nutrition must complete:

NTRN 551     Seminar in Advanced Nutrition       1

NTRN 601     Special Problems                        1 - 18

IBIS 600       Exam in Biomedical Investigation   0


And 9-10 credits or three courses from those listed below:

NTRN 433     Advanced Human Nutrition  4

NTRN 434     Advanced Human Nutrition II  3

NTRN 435     Maternal and Child Nutrition  3

NTRN 437     Evaluation of Nutrition Information for Consumers  3

NTRN 438     Trends in Diet Therapy  3

NTRN 440     Nutrition for the Aging and Aged  3

NTRN 452     Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism  3

NTRN 454     Isotope Tracer Methodology  3

NTRN 455     Molecular Nutrition  3

NTRN 460     Sports Nutrition  3

NTRN 530     Public Health Nutrition  3

NTRN 533     Nutritional Care of Neonate  3


This is a 5-year dual-degree program specifically conceived for students interested in following careers either in basic science research (i.e.: nutrition research) or in clinical research.

The CORE components of this Dual-Degree consist of:
   ››› 3 to 6 graduate-level courses in a TRACK based on student's choice and interest.
     ›››  6 credits of medical school coursework.
     ›››  A common seminar series.
     ›››  A training in Scientific Integrity.
     ›››  A one-year research project culminating in a written report and examination by the Nutrition Department faculty.


Please direct all questions to:

Dr. Danny Manor, Associate Professor / PhD Program Director
Phone: (216) 368-6230

NOTE:  There is no tuition charge for the research year, and a stipend is provided.