Our graduate programs emphasize: (i) dietetics, (ii) public health nutrition, (iii) nutritional biochemistry & metabolism and, (iv) molecular nutrition.  Since nutrition is a science-based discipline, in order for an applicant to be eligible (to apply) for the MS Degree program in Nutrition, he/she needs to have completed the following courses:

General (inorganic) Chemistry  |  Lecture and Lab
Organic Chemistry
General Biology
Human Physiology

However, some of these required courses may be taken while enrolled in the MS program.

The Master of Science in Nutrition track has a variety of students.   Some students are earning a graduate degree to prepare for either (i) Medical School, (ii) Dental School or (iii) a Ph.D.  Degree.

Other students are MD's in Residency or in Fellowship Programs and are actively seeking to gain more depth in the Science of Nutrition.  Students enrolled in the traditional Medical School at CWRU or those enrolled at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine can simultaneously earn their MS with the MD degree with no added tuition.

Other students admitted to the MS Degree Program -with a strong basic foundation- are seeking to become Registered Dietitians (RD).  To that end, they are taking (DPD) Didactic Program in Dietetics DPD courses as well as graduate courses in order to prepare for their application to a DIETETIC INTERNSHIP.

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MD/MS in Nutrition

• A track of the MD/MS combined degree program that grants an Master's in Biomedical Investigation