Henri Brunengraber, MD, PhD*

Director of the CASE Mouse Metabolic Phenotying Center  (MMPC)
Director of the CASE Metabolism Training Program  (MTP)

(216) 368-6429 / 368-6548

RESEARCH:  Regulation of the pathways of fatty acid oxidation, ketone body metabolism, citric acid cycle and gluconeogenesis.

  Hope Barkoukis, PhD, RD, LD

Associate Professor and Interim Chair
(216) 368-2441

RESEARCH:  Nutritional management of chronic liver diseases, glucose metabolism, sports nutrition and food safety.

  Lynn Cialdella-Kam, MBA, MA, PhD

Assistant Professor
Assistant Manager - Coordinated Dietetic Internship/Masters Degree Program  (CDI)
(216) 368-2075

RESEARCH:  Women’s health. Effects of nutrition and exercise in reducing chronic disease risk factors, improving skeletal muscle health, and preventing menstrual dysfunction under situations of stress (i.e., disease, obesity, and heavy exercise training).

  Colleen Croniger, PhD

Associate Professor
Director - MMPC Metabolic Core

(216) 368-4967

RESEARCH:  Metabolic pathways in liver, muscle, adipose and pancreatic tissues. Molecular changes in animal pancreas models (resistant or sensitive to obesity in response to environmental stresses.

  Paul Ernsberger, PhD

Associate Professor
(216) 368-4738

RESEARCH:  Nutrition and cardiovascular diseases; nutrient-drugs interactions; metabolic pharmacology; genetic obesity; lipids in cell signaling.

  Stephanie Harris, PhD, RD, LD

Assistant Professor
(216) 368-2443

RESEARCH:  Metabolism of calcium levulinate and its conversion to the drug of abuse 4-hydroxypentanoate; Application of metabolomics in the discovery of new metabolites and metabolic pathways.

  Mary Beth Kavanagh, MS, RD, LD

Senior Instructor
(216) 368-3231

RESEARCH: Cancer Survivorship, Weight Management and the Practice of Dietetics.

  Jane Korsberg, MS, RD, LD

Senior Instructor
(216) 368-6630

RESEARCH: Weight management; Diabetes; Wellness Promotion/Disease Prevention and Control.

  Danny Manor, PhD*

Associate Professor
(216) 368-6230 

Department Contact  -  Doctoral Degree Programs

RESEARCH: Molecular-level treatment and prevention of cancer.

  Isabel Parraga, PhD, RD, LD

Director  -   MS in Public Health Nutrition / Dietetic Internship Program

RESEARCH: Nutritional anthropology; maternal and child nutrition; public health nutrition; child growth and schistosomiasis.

  Michelle Puchowicz, PhD

Director  -  MMPC  Analytical Core

RESEARCH:  Metabolomics; brain and body energy metabolism; regulation of fatty acid, ketone body and glucose metabolism; mass spectrometry.

  James Swain, PhD, RD, LD

Director  -  Didactic Program in Dietetics  (DPD)

RESEARCH: Influence of dietary iron on intestinal tumorigenesis.

  Guofang Zhang, PhD

Assistant Professor
(216) 368-6533   /   (216) 368-0912 LAB

RESEARCH: New pathway which catabolizes 4-hydroxyacids.


Catherine Demko, PhD 

Assistant Professor, Dentistry | CWRU Case School of Dental Medicine
(216) 368-8804  |

Sharon Groh-Wargo, PhD, RD, LD

Professor of Pediatrics and Nutrition | CWRU SOM
Neonatal Nutritionist - MetroHealth Medical Center
(216) 778-5902  |
Tolerance of a nutrient-enriched post-discharge formula for preterm infants.

Sanjay Gupta, PhD

Associate Professor - Urology | University Hospitals of Cleveland
(216) 368-6162  |
Mechanisms of prostate carcinogenesis; treatment / prevention of prostate cancer.

Janos Kerner, PhD

Associate Professor (Pharmacology)
Mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation and the regulation of pathway by malonyl-CoA (with special emphasis on the malonyl-CoA sensitive carnitine palmitoyltransferase).

John Kirwan, PhD

Associate Professor, Reproductive Biology | Dept. of Medicine MetroHealth Medical Center
Staff, Pathobiology - Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute
(216) 778-8848  |
Aging; metabolism; endocrinology.

Laura Nagy, PhD*

Professor, Molecular Medicine
Staff, Gastroenterology and Pathobiology
Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute
(216) 444-4021  |
Effects of environmental factors such as diet and drugs on cellular signal transduction mechanisms.

Noa Noy, PhD

Professor, Pharmacology  |  CWRU School of Medicine
(216) 368-0302  |
Transcriptional regulations by nuclear hormone receptors.