The research conducted in the CASE Department of Nutrition emphasizes Nutritional Biochemistry & Metabolism, Molecular Nutrition, and Applied Nutrition.¬† This research has been conducted in association with several Cleveland hospitals and other departments within the School of Medicine.  Particular areas of Applied Nutrition have been developed and performed in field settings - both the United States and abroad, in cooperation with multicenter national studies, and in our own department's various laboratories.  These state-of-the-art laboratories are located in the School of Medicine and the Veteran Affairs Medical Center. ¬†Facilities in the Clinical Research Center at University Hospitals Case Medical Center are also available to our department. CASE Nutrition department has all general equipment necessary for conducting studies in nutritional biochemistry and molecular nutrition, including six Agilent Technologies GC-MS (gas chromatographers -mass spectrometers). They are used for human and animal investigation with stable isotopes. Facilities for isolated organ perfusions and a comprehensive organic chemistry laboratory for synthesis of new nutrients are also available. The department has been equipped for body composition measures and diet preparation. Consult the Nutrition Faculty Directory for specific research projects.  A brief summary of each faculty's research focus, shown below. Click on individual faculty's name to link into their respective profile page.

Henri Brunengraber, MD, PhD

Regulation of the pathways of fatty acid oxidation, ketone body metabolism, citric acid cycle and gluconeogenesis.

Hope Barkoukis, PhD

Nutritional management of chronic liver diseases, glucose metabolism, sports nutrition and food safety.

Colleen Croniger, PhD

Metabolic pathways in liver, muscle, adipose and pancreatic tissues. Molecular changes in animal pancreas models (resistant or sensitive to obesity in response to environmental stresses.

Paul Ernsberger, PhD

Nutrition and cardiovascular diseases; nutrient-drugs interactions; metabolic pharmacology; genetic obesity; lipids in cell signaling.

Mary Beth Kavanagh, MS, RD, LD

Cancer Survivorship, Weight Management and the Practice of Dietetics.

Janos Kerner, PhD

Mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation and the regulation of pathway by malonyl-CoA.

Jane Korsberg, MS RD LD

Weight management; Diabetes; Wellness Promotion/Disease Prevention and Control.

Edith Lerner, PhD

Assessment of nutritional status during pregnancy; Trace mineral metabolism during pregnancy; Neonatal patients.

Danny Manor, PhD

Molecular-level treatment and prevention of cancer.

Laura E. Nagy, PhD

Effects of environmental factors such as diet, alcohol and drugs on cellular signal transduction mechanism.

Isabel Parraga, PhD

Nutritional anthropology; maternal and child nutrition; public health nutrition; child growth and schistosomiasis.

Michelle Puchowicz, PhD

Metabolomics; brain and body energy metabolism; regulation of fatty acid, ketone body and glucose metabolism; mass spectrometry.

James Swain, PhD

Influence of dietary iron on intestinal tumorigenesis.

Guo-Fang Zhang, PhD

Research focus is on a new pathway which involves a new class of acyl-CoA esters and catabolizes 4-hydroxyacids, such as products of lipid peroxidation and drugs-of-abuse.