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These faculty members remain actively engaged in multiple collaboration with the Department of Nutrition.

Catherine Demko, Ph.D.  (Ph.D. - CWRU, 2002)
Assistant Professor, Dentistry | CWRU
Case School of Dental Medicine
(216) 368-8804  |

Saul M. Genuth, M.D.
  (M.D. - Western Reserve, 1957)
Professor in Medicine | Case Western Reserve University
Endocrinologist | University Hospitals of Cleveland
[Diabetes mellitus; blood glucose control and complications]

Sharon Groh-Wargo
 (Ph.D. - Case Western Reserve, 2002)
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics & Nutrition | CWRU SOM
Neonatal Nutritionist - MetroHealth Medical Center
(216) 778-5902  |
Tolerance of a nutrient-enriched post-discharge formula for preterm infants.

Sanjay Gupta
(Ph.D. - Avadh (India), 1992)
Associate Professor - Urology | University Hospitals of Cleveland
(216) 368-6162  |
Mechanisms of prostate carcinogenesis, treatment and prevention of prostate cancer.

Janos Kerner
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Hungarian Academy, 1986. Mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation and the regulation of the pathway by a malonyl-CoA.

Douglas Kerr (M.D./Ph.D. - Western Reserve, 1965)
Professor, Pediatrics  |   University Hospitals of Cleveland
(216) 844-3661  |
Metabolic disorders in infants.

John Kirwan (Ph.D. - Ball State, 1987)
Associate Professor, Reproductive Biology | Dept. of Medicine MetroHealth Medical Center
Staff, Pathobiology - Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Inst.
(216) 778-8848  |
Aging; metabolism; endocrinology.

Laura Nagy (Ph.D. - Berkeley, 1986)
Professor, Molecular Medicine
Staff, Gastroenterology and Pathobiology
Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute
(216) 444-4021  |
Effects of environmental factors such as diet and drugs on cellular signal transduction mechanisms.

Noa Noy (Ph.D. - Tel Aviv University, Israel, 1981)
Professor, Pharmacology | CWRU School of Medicine
(216) 368-0302  |
Transcriptional regulations by nuclear hormone receptors.

William C. Stanley
(Ph.D., Berkeley, 1986)
Professor, Medicine (primary appointment)
Professor, Physiology (secondary appointment)
University of Maryland School of Medicine 706-3585  |
Cardiac metabolism in health and disease. Specifically, the role of substrate metabolism and diet in the pathophysiology of heart failure and acute ischemic events using broad systems approach.

Anthony Tavill
(M.D., Manchester (England), 1970
Professor of Medicine; Case Western Reserve University
Hepatic metabolism in liver disease, iron metabolism and iron overload; protein metabolism and the liver; nutritional consequences of gastrointestinal disease; effects of alcohol on hepatic metabolism; circulatory disturbances in liver disease.


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