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Alison Steiber is a registered dietitian who completed a B. S. in dietetics at Minnesota State at Mankato, a dietetic internship and M.S. in Human Nutrition at The University of Kansas Medical Center, and a Ph.D. in Nutrition from Michigan State University. Prior to joining the faculty at Case Western Reserve University she was a Manager of Nutrition Services for a dialysis center and a clinical dietitian in a medical center. Dr. Steiber's areas of interest are nutritional assessment, chronic kidney disease, and carnitine.

Dr. Steiber is active in the Cleveland Dietetic Association, the Northeast Council on Renal Nutrition, serves as a Reviewer for the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetic Educators, a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Renal Nutrition and a reviewer for the "American Journal of Kidney Disease" and "Cell and Tissue".   She has conducted research in the areas of hospitalization and nutritional intake, carnitine and hemodialysis and quality of life, subjective global assessment, and carnitine content in foods.  

Dr. Alison Steiber serves as Director for the CASE Coordinated Dietetic Internship/Master's Degree Program, and teaches Seminar in Dietetics I and II (NTRN 516 and 517), Investigative Methods in Nutrition (NTRN 561), and Guided Study in Nutrition Practice (NTRN 360).


2005     PhD - Nutrition
             Michigan State University, East Lansing (MI)
1993     Dietetic Internship completed
             University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City (KS)
1992     Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, Magna Cum Laude
             Mankato State University, Mankato (MN)


    Chronic Renal Failure

    Nutrition Assessment



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