Lynn Cialdella Kam, RDN, PhD, MA, MBA
    -  Assistant Professor
    -  Director of the Coordinated Dietetic Internship / Master's Degree Program - CDI/MS


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Registered Dietitian (RDN) as of August 30, 2014.


PhD (Nutrition); Minors in Exercise Physiology and Statistics
Oregon State University, Corvallis OR
Dissertation: "Reversing Menstrual Dysfunction: The Impact of Menstrual Status on Musculoskeletal and Hormonal Health."
Dr. Melinda M. Manore (Advisor)


MA (Exercise Physiology)
University of Texas, Austin TX
Thesis: "The Pathways to Recovery: Effects of Carbohydrate-Protein Supplementation on the Insulin-Akt and the mTOR pathways.”
Dr. John L. Ivy (Advisor)


MBA (Concentration in Marketing)
University of Chicago - Booth School of Business, Chicago IL


BS in Business Administration (Major in Accounting; Minor in Statistics) Cum Laude.
Bucknell University, Lewisburg PA



2013 - present

Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition
Case Western Reserve University  |  School of Medicine
Cleveland OH

2011 - 2012

Research Scientist
Appalachian State University, North Carolina Research Campus, Kannapolis NC


Postdoctoral Fellow
Appalachian State University, North Carolina Research Campus, Kannapolis NC

2007 - 2010

USDA Fellow on Training Grant
Oregon State University
Corvallis OR

2009 - 2010

Graduate Research Assistant
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Houston TX

2003 - 2005

Graduate Student Researcher
University of Texas
Austin TX


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  2. 2011 (Jun.) ACSM Annual Meeting: Thematic poster presentation. Presentation title: "REMEDY: Impact of Menstrual Status on Musculoskeletal and Hormonal Health."

  3. 2010 (Aug.) United States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine Seminar. Presentation title: "REMEDY: Impact of Menstrual Status on Musculoskeletal and Hormonal Health."

  4. 2010 (Jan.) The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center  (Seminar)
    Presentation title: "What is the Relationship Between Alcohol Consumption and Other Risk Factors in Breast and Prostate Cancer Survivors?"

  5. 2009 (Sep.) National Association of County Agricultural Agents Annual Conference: Program for Spouses. Exercise and Nutrition Workshop. Presentation title: "Exercise: Moving Barriers to Good Health."

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  7. 2007 (Oct.) TitleIX Celebration, Oregon State University. Poster Presentation title: "Menstrual Dysfunction and Musculoskeletal Health in Active Women." Kam LAC and Manore MM.

  8. 2007 (Nov.) NFM 507 Seminar. Oregon State University. (Invited Speaker) Presentation title: "Menstrual Dysfunction and Musculoskeletal Health in Active Women.'



  1. Cialdella-Kam L, Guebels CG, Maddalozzo GF, Manore MM. Original research article titled: Six-month dietary intervention restored menstrual function in female athletes. Submitted March 2013.

  2. Cialdella-Kam L, Guebels CG, Maddalozzo GF, Manore MM. Original research article titled: Restoration of menstrual function in female athletes associated with improved muscle strength. In manuscript preparation.

  3. Cialdella-Kam L1, Ghosh S1, Meaney MP, Shanely RA, Knab AM, Nieman DC. Two original research articles planned on impact of quercetin with and without EGCG on inflammation and macronutrient metabolism in mice on high fat diet. Titles to be determined with one article focusing on fat tissue and the second article focusing on muscle and liver tissue. Targeted completion for laboratory analysis and manuscript is December 2013. 1Both will be listed as first author.

  4. Guebels CG, Cialdella-Kam L, Maddalozzo GF, Manore, MM. Active Women Before/After an Intervention Designed to Restore Menstrual Function: Resting Metabolic Rate and Comparison of Four Methods to Quantify Energy Expenditure and Energy Availability. Under consideration for publication at Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab.





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