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Each intern will receive a STIPEND of $13,000 (before taxes) over the 49 weeks of the Supervised Practice Experience.  The stipend is processed through the hospital's payroll system and a portion of it is received every two weeks via direct deposit.

In addition to the stipend, each student receives a dollar amount for cafeteria meals during the Supervised Practice Experience.

UHCMC is a 1032-bed tertiary medical center specializing in adult/pediatric medical and surgical specialties. It is an affiliate of CWRU.

ESTIMATED EXPENSES (2013-2014 Student Plan)
  1. Graduate School Application Fee:  $50 (due after matched to the program)

  2. Tuition:  $1546/semester hour; Total Tuition ~ :$41,742

  3. Health Fee:  $808/Semester (will be waived if student has alternate medical insurance)

  4. Activity Fee: $13/Semester

  5. Housing ~ :$11,000/16 months

  6. Books: $350

  7. UHCMC Parking: $540/12 months (may be waived)
       Transportation is mandatory for traveling to work, classes and off-site experiences.

  8. Cleveland Dietetic Association Student Membership Dues: $10.00

  9. AND Student Membership Dues: $50

According to CWRU policy, all students are required to either have personal health insurance or to purchase health insurance through the University. Dietetic Interns may utilize health and support services at CWRU including counseling services and mental health services. See the CRWU General Bulletin for details.


Housing arrangements are the responsibility of the student.
CWRU does not offer on-campus housing for Graduate School students. 

      • OFF-CAMPUS HOUSING >> Search Listing

For more information, go to Case Graduate Housing website at: or contact Residence Life and Services directly (35 Yost Hall)

Dietetic interns are categorized by CWRU as full-time students and are eligible to apply for scholarships, fellowships and loans from any source for any part of the program.  Some tuition assistance from CWRU may be available for the final semester of study.

Scholarships and fellowships are available for Dietetic Interns or graduate students through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) Foundation. 

Regarding Scholarships offered through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation or to obtain an application, visit ACEND website at:
or call the Foundation staff at:  (800) 877-1600 ext. 1133 or email at:

For information on ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION, go to: