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Requirements for the MS Degree

Plan B (no thesis) 
  > >   a minimum of 18 hours at 400-level and above.
  > >   GPA:  at least 2.75
  > >   the GRE is not required

Nutrition Courses:
  > >   a minimum of 15 hours (of which 12 must be at 400-level and above)
  > >   NTRN 433  Advanced Human Nutrition I  and
  > >   NTRN 434  Advanced Human Nutrition II
  > >   Statistics (if not taken recently)

For more information on academic course requirements for the Coordinated Dietetic Internship / Master's Degree Program, please contact:

Dr. Lynn Cialdella Kam (Director of the CDI/MS Program)
p. (216) 368-2075   •   Email:

FALL Requirements

NTRN 516
Seminar in Dietetics I:  Advanced Clinical Nutrition   (4)
Mondays:  9:00 am  -  12:00 pm
Instructor:  Mary Beth Kavanagh, MS, RD, LD

Course Description:
Study of evidence-based guidelines for dietetic practice in medical nutrition therapy. Emphasis on life cycle stages and common disease states that require specialized nutrition care. Enrollment restricted to those accepted into Case Coordinated Dietetic Internship/Master Degree Program.

NTRN 561
Investigative Methods in Nutrition (3)
Mondays: 1:30 - 4:20 p
Instructor:  Lynn Cialdella-Kam, MBA, MA, PhD, RDN

Course Description:
Understand and implement various methods of research such as analytical methods and statistics.

SPRING Requirements

NTRN 517
Seminar in Dietetics II: Management and Topics in Nutrition Practice (4)
Mondays:  9:00 am  -  12:00 pm
Instructor:  Lynn Cialdella-Kam, MBA, MA, PhD, RDN

Course Description:
Professional issues in the practice of dietetics.