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The Masters of Science in Nutrition provides further depth for the individual who has completed a Bachelor's in Nutrition and the dietitian, nurse, physician, etc. seeking to enhance their skills and credentials.

The program is also chosen by people who have completed Bachelor's degrees in other disciplines and wish to earn credentials to practice nutrition and/or desire to improve personal knowledge in this field. Students completing the Master's have also used the degree as a step toward further academic work as the PhD, MD, JD, and MBA.
Note 1.  Since the MS in Nutrition is a degree awarded by the School of Graduate Studies, prospective students must apply online through Hobsons (again via the School of Graduate Studies), pay the fee and submit the letters of recommendation.

School of Graduate Studies  |  Prospective Students: Admissions

Note 2.  Prospective students will have to mail their official transcripts, resume, 1- to 2-page statement of career goals and why you are interested in our program to:
Pamela A. Woodruff, Graduate Program Coordinator
Department of Nutrition
CWRU - School of Medicine
10900 Euclid Avenue |  W-G48
Cleveland, OH 44106-4954

For more information (again) contact
Pamela Woodruff
Phone: (216) 368-2440
Email: or call (216) 368-2440.

This degree offers two (2) options

Case Western Reserve University1 /  THESIS OPTION (Plan A)

30-semester hours of a planned program of study (including 6 - 9 semester hours of research)

A final oral defense of a thesis
Learn more.


Case Western Reserve University2 /  NON-THESIS OPTION (Plan B)

27-semester hours of a planned program of study.

A final written, comprehensive examination are required.

Learn more about the non-thesis option.

Students applying for this MS degree must have completed appropriate courseworks in:
 • biology
 • inorganic and,
 • organic chemistry.

During the program, all MS students are required to take 15-semester hours of nutrition, including 6 hours of advance human nutrition science.

Students are strongly encouraged to pursue complimentary studies in biomedical sciences, social and behavioral sciences, or management.

The plan of study may vary considerably depending upon the education, goals, and specific interests of each student.

The individual program may also be planned to fulfill the academic requirements for the dietetic registration and membership in the American Dietetic Association.

Please direct all questions to:

Dr. Barkoukis, Associate Professor / Interim Department Chair
Phone: (216) 368-2440