Laboratory of Dr Vincent Monnier
at Case Western Reserve University

Vincent M. Monnier, MD

Professor of Pathology and Biochemistry



Department of Pathology
Case Western Reserve University
2103 Cornell Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7288

Tel. 216 368 6613 Fax. 216 368 1357


1972 University of Basel and Geneva, Switzerland, MD - medicine
1975 University of Basel, Faculty of Science, Dipl. Chem. - chemistry
1976-77 University of Geneva, Dept. of Biochemistry, Postdoc - receptor biochemistry
1977-1980 Rockefeller University, New York, Postdoc with A. Cerami - protein chemistry

1999-2000 Visiting Associate, Department of Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology
1997-pres. Professor of Biochemistry, Case Western Reserve University
1993-pres. Professor of Pathology (tenure), Case Western Reserve University
1982-1993 From Instructor to Associate Professor of Pathology (1989), Case Western Reserve University
1985-1995 Associate Chief, Laboratory of Clinical Chemistry, University
1985-1995 Assistant Professor, Laboratory of Medical Biochemistry, Rockefeller University

1990 Paul E. Lacy Award for "Creative and Innovative Excellence in the use of Human Tissue in Research" National Disease Research Interchange
1994 Mary Jane Kugle JDRF Service Award
1996 Nathan Shock Award, National Institute of Aging
2007 Appreciation Award, International Maillard Reaction Society


Collard F, Zhang J, Nemet I, Qanungo KR, Monnier VM, Yee VC: Crystal Structure of the Deglycating Enzyme Fructosamine Oxidase (Amadoriase II). J Biol Chem. 2008; 283: 27007-16.

Dai Z, Wang B, Sun G, Fan X, Anderson VE, Monnier VM: Identification of Glucose-Derived Cross-Linking Sites in Ribonuclease A. J Proteome Res. (2008) 7:2756-2768.

Fan X, Monnier VM: Nucleophilic compounds decrease crystallin ascorbylation in the hSVCT2 mouse model of lenticular aging. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. (2008) in press.

Ozdemir AM, Hopfer U, Rosca MV, Fan XJ, Monnier VM, Weiss MF: Effects of advanced glycation end product modification on proximal tubule epithelial cell processing of albumin. Am J Nephrol. (2008) 28:14-24.

Dai Z, Nemet I, Shen W, Monnier VM: Isolation, purification and characterization of histidino-threosidine, a novel Maillard reaction protein crosslink from threose, lysine and histidine. Arch Biochem Biophys. (2007) 463:78-88.

Monnier VM: Dietary advanced lipoxidation products as risk factors for human health-a call for data. Mol Nutr Food Res. (2007) 51:1091-3.

Sell DR, Strauch CM, Shen W, Monnier VM: 2-aminoadipic acid is a marker of protein carbonyl oxidation in the aging human skin: effects of diabetes, renal failure and sepsis. Biochem J. (2007) 404:269-77.

Fan X, Reneker LW, Obrenovich ME, Strauch C, Cheng R, Jarvis SM, Ortwerth BJ, Monnier VM: Vitamin C mediates chemical aging of lens crystallins by the Maillard reaction in a humanized mouse model. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. (2006) 103:16912-7.

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David R. Sell, PhD - Assistant Professor

Xingjun Fan, PhD - Instructor

Christopher M. Strauch, BSc - Laboratory Manager

Jianye Zhang, BSc - Graduate Student

Ina Nemet, PhD - Postgraduate Fellow

Xiaoqin Liu, BSc - Research Assistant