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To email any or all staff members of the Case MMPC, please use the email alias:  mmpc@case.edu

Center Overview

The CASE MMPC specializes on metabolic investigations with stable isotopes and on the training of investigators who are studying mouse models of metabolic diseases.

The Center uses mass spectrometry and labeling patterns to calculate metabolic fluxes such as: LIPID, PROTEIN and GLUCOSE turnover.  The Center uses specialized, and in some cases, unique isotopic techniques to investigate the regulation of metabolic pathways and their intracellular compartmentation.

We conduct studies and analyses on mice or mice samples shipped to our facility.  We are available to discuss with potential users the design and interpretation of experiments to be conducted in their labs. We also train their staff in analytical techniques.  We can also set up new analyses of unlabeled and labeled metabolites.

If re-derivation of mice shipped to our center is required, the CASE Transgenic and Targeting Core (Dr. Ron Conlon, Director) can provide this service. 'Imaging of Mice Organs' can also be conducted by the CASE Center for Imaging Research (Dr. Chris Flask & Dr. Jeffrey Duerk).


Metabolic Core

The Metabolic Core conducts in vivo and ex vivo metabolic experiments on mice and rats.   This core provides the following techniques and measurements:

  • Food intake
  • Body temperature
  • Continuous monitoring of heart rate and/or activity
  • Urine and blood chemistry analysis
  • Glycosylated hemoglobin
  • Chronic or acute arterial, jugular and/or gastric catheterization
  • Acute catheterization of portal vein or urinary bladder
  • Energy expenditure integrated over 4 - 6 days by the "doubly-labeled water" method
  • Energy expenditure at rest or during exercise by indirect calorimetry
  • Rates of fatty acid, cholesterol, triglycerides, or protein synthesis measured using 2H2O.
  • Turnover of plasma, glucose, fatty acid and/or glycerol
  • Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)
  • Glucose clamp
  • Pancreatic clamp
  • Liver perfusion and heart perfusion
  • Tissue perfusion and fixation

Dr. Croniger discusses with the users the terms of the service contract, helps them get approval for their animal protocol with the Case IACUC, and plans for the shipment of mice to our center.  She interacts closely with the Animal Care Core for the testing, quarantine, and housing of all mice.

Frederick ALLEN





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Analytical and Metabolomic Core

The Analytical and Metabolomic Core conducts the following types of analyses on tissues, blood, plasma and urine from experiments conducted at the MMPC or at the user's lab:

  • 2H- and 18O-enrichments of plasma or urine water to measure total energy expenditure
  • 2H-enrichment of plasma or urine for calculating total body water
  • Turnover of glucose and/or glycerol with [6, 6-2H2]glucose and [2H5]glycerol
  • Concentration and/or labeling pattern of plasma fatty acids (C8-C22) and cholesterol
  • Concentration and/or labeling pattern of plasma aminoacids
  • Concentration and/or labeling pattern of acylcarnitines in plasma or urine
  • Concentration and/or labeling pattern of long-chain acyl-CoAs in tissues
  • Concentration and/or labeling pattern of short- and medium-chain acetyl-CoA, propionyl-CoA, succinyl-CoA, and methylmalonyl-CoA in tissues
  • Concentration and/or labeling pattern of citric acid cycle and gluconeogenic intermediates in tissues
  • 13C-labeling pattern of the acetyl moiety of citrate (a proxy of the labeling of mitrochondrial acetyl-CoA)
  • Rates of FA and cholesterol synthesis in tissues from the incorporation of 2H or 13C
  • Rate of protein synthesis from the incorporation of 2H-enriched water
  • Metabolomic profile in plasma, urine or tissue

Dr. Puchowicz and her team work out the terms of the contract, help the users understand the nature of the assays, coordinate the planning studies done off-site and the collection and shipment of samples for analyses.  The Analytic Core has a close interaction with the Metabolic Core to perform measurements of glucose, glycerol and/or amino acid turnover that are done in catheterized mice under basal and/or glucose-insulin clamp conditions.

Sharon ZHANG




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Animal Care Core

The Animal Care Core is directed by Dr. W. John Durfee and managed by the Animal Resource Center (ARC) which implements the guidelines and regulations associated with all animal research at Case.



W. John Durfee, DVM, DACLAM
(216) 368-3490  
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Joan Schenkel, M.S.
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