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Donald D. Anthony, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University

Division of Rheumatology & Division of Infectious Diseases & HIV Medicine

Email : dda3@case.edu
Office Phone : 216.368.3540


  • B.S. : Biochemistry, Case Western Reserve University, 1982-1986
  • M.D./ Ph.D. : Case Western Reserve University, 1986-1993
  • Internship & Residency : Internal Medicine, University Hospitals of Cleveland, 1993-1996
  • Fellowship : Rheumatology, University Hospitals of Cleveland, 1996-1999

Clinical Interests

  • Vasculitic manifestations of chronic HCV infection.
  • Autoimmune disease.

Research Interests

Dr. Anthony's primary research interests are in : 1) mechanism of naïve T cell responsiveness in the setting of chronic HCV infection; 2) dendritic cell-NK cell interactions in the settings of HCV and HIV infections as they relate to disease stage and response to therapy; 3) immune predictors of response to HBV vaccine in the setting of HCV and HIV infection; 4) development of newer methods to evaluate human dendritic cells in the context of disease; and 5) mechanisms of B cell activation underlying HCV associated cryoglobulinemic vasculitis.

Selected References

  • Sugalski JM, Rodriguez B, Moir S, and Anthony DD (2010). Peripheral blood B cell subset skewing is associated with altered cell cycling, intrinsic resistance to apoptosis and reflects a state of immune activation in chronic HCV infection. J Immunol, 185, 3019-3027 PMID: 20656924.
  • Yonkers NL, Sieg S, Rodriguez B, Anthony DD (2011). Reduced naïve CD4 T-cell numbers and impaired induction of CD27 in response to TCR stimulation reflect a state of immune activation in chronic HCV infection. J Infect Dis. 203, 635-645 PMID: 21220773.
  • Canaday DH, Burant CJ, Jones L, Aung H, Woc-Colburn L, Anthony DD (2011). Preserved MHC-II antigen processing and presentation function in chronic HCV infection. Cellular Immunol (266, 187–191 PMID: 21055734).
  • Anthony DD, Umbleja T, Aberg JA, Kang M, Medvik K, Lederman MM, Peters MG, Koziel MJ and Overton ET. (2011) Lower peripheral blood CD14+ monocyte frequency and higher CD34+ progenitor cell frequency are associated with HBV vaccine induced response in HIV infected individuals. Vaccine (29, 3558-3563).
  • Yonkers NL, Rodriguez B, Asaad R, Lederman MM, and Anthony DD (2011) Systemic immune activation in HIV infection is associated with decreased MDC responsiveness to TLR ligand and ability to activate naïve CD4 T cells. PLoS ONE 6(9): e23884. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0023884.
  • Schlatzer DM, Sugalski JM, Dazard JE, Chance MR, Anthony DD (2011) A Quantitative Proteomic Approach for Detecting Protein Profiles of Activated Human Myeloid Dendritic Cells. J. Immunol Methods (in press).