Galán Lab

Principal Investigator
Roberto Fernández Galán, PhD
Assistant Professor of Neurosciences
Mount Sinai Research Scholar
Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow

Contact Information
Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine
Department of Neurosciences, Room E-725
10900 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44106-4975, USA

Phone: (001) 216 368 0811 (Office), (001) 216 368 0546 (Lab)
Email: rfgalan at case dot edu

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We combine experimental, theoretical and computational methods to study single-neuron and network dynamics. Our lab currently focuses on the following projects:

• Serotonergic modulation of spontaneous activity in the neocortex. [more]
Theoretical / Computational
• Detecting autism from large-scale brain activity. [more] [even more] Talk Video

• Relationship between network oscillations and functional network connectivity. [more]

• Efficient simulation of stochastic ion-channel gating in the neuron's membrane. [more]

• Quantification of cardio-respiratory coupling in health and disease (in collaboration with Yee-Hsee Hsieh, TED Dick and Frank Jacono). [more]

Some highlights of past research include:

• Role of ERK signaling on single-cell and cortical-network excitability (in collaboration with Gary Landreth). [more]

• Effect of colored noise on the frequency of neuronal oscillators. [more]

• Spontaneous activity and neural network architecture. [more]

• Neuronal synchronization in the respiratory pattern generator. [more]

• Optimal stimuli and spike-time reliability. [more]

• Stochastic synchronization: a robust mechanism to generate beta/gamma oscillations. [more]

• Phase-oscillator models of single-neuron dynamics. [more]

• Mechanisms underlying the emergence of synchronized neural assemblies. [more]

• Numerical solution of the Fokker-Planck equation with the finite element method. [more]

• Attractors of network dynamics in the olfactory system of an insect. [more]

• Memory traces and Hebbian reverberations in an insect's brain. [more]

We also collaborate with several intramural and extramural research groups:

Dr. Thomas (TED) Dick, Department of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, and Dr. David Baekey, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida: We investigate the role of neuronal synchronization and of balanced excitation and inhibition in respiratory control. [more]

Dr. José Luis Pérez Velázquez, SickKids and University of Toronto: We investigate the emergence of coherent neuronal activity in the brain, with special emphasis on epileptic seizures. [more]

Dr. Kevin C. Daly, West Virginia University: We investigate oscillatory activity and neuronal synchrony in the olfactory system of an insect. [more]

Roberto's webpage at the department of neurosciences.

Last update: May 2015