Website Links


Note to Reader: For more information on certain discussed topics in this on-line textbook as well as public health related information, please refer to the following websites.


Health Promotion in the Workplace

Department of Labor website providing facts and figures about drugs and alcohol in the workplace

            Occupational Safety and Health Act and

            Workplace health promotion consulting firms


Assessing the Quality of Health Information of the Internet

A U.S. government sponsored quality web site that is one of the best resources of valuable and reliable consumer health information targeted towards the general public.

            Website offering comprehensive health and medical information.

            National Institutes of Health website

A public health website targeted towards anyone interested in learning more about public health issues.

            Health on the Net Foundation website

            Website offering health information targeted to the UK and the rest of the world.


Health Care Coalitions

            The International Foundation of Employees Benefit Plans

            Internet Healthcare Coalition

            National Coalition on Health Care

            National Labor Management Association


General Public Health Information National Institutes of Health  Surgeon Generalís Office of Public Health and Science


Sleep Disorder Information Sleepdex - A nonprofit informational website about sleep and sleep disorders. Covers all major parasomnias and dyssomnias.


E. Coli Information Get the Facts on E. Coli.