From: Elaine M. Hernandez

I am an MPH student with the Texas A&M "School of Rural Public Health" enrolled in their distance education program.  I live on the Texas Mexico border and at age 50 found myself changing careers from education to public health.  I found your textbook on-line and I wanted to thank you for the tremendous innovation.  Having students create papers for "real use" is an excellent teaching tool and beneficial to so many people.  I am currently struggling with my course on "Public Health Management and Policy", being a social/behavioral student6.  Your chapters are well written and easy for a non-financial person to understand.

Please congratulate your students for their tremendous effort.  I really learned a great deal!  If any of your faculty or students want to visit the Rio Grande Valley- Northern Tamaulipas border region, I would be delighted to show them around.

Elaine Hernandez

McAllen, Texas