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Cell and Molecular Biology Training Grant


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for support by the CMBTG and participation in the CMBTP?

Students participating in the 10 graduate programs administered by the BSTP who are US citizens are eligible to be nominated for support.  Students admitted through the BSTP and directly admitted into departmental Ph.D. programs are both eligible.  Typically, students who are not previously appointed to other training grants (including MSTP) are favored for support.  Students must be US citizens or permanent residents to be eligible, and preference is given to those who are at a relatively early stage of their career (2-3 year).  However, students at all stages of their career are eligible for support.


What support to CMBTP Trainees receive?

Trainees receive 2 years support including tuition and are eligible for $500/yr travel awards.


What are the expectations for Trainers and Trainees during their appointments?

Trainees are expected to participate in the organization of the CMB Symposium Series composed of student-invited speakers for at least one year.  However, students are encouraged to serve as organizers for more than one year.  Participation in the CMBTP Symposium Organizing Committee does not necessarily need to occur while the trainee is being supported.  Trainees and their mentors are also expected to participate in the monthly Cell & Molecular Biology Training Program seminar series featuring joint Trainer-Trainee presentations. 


How do I apply?

To fill the 4-5 new slots which become open each year an announcement is sent by email to all PIs in the participating BSTP programs soliciting applications.  PIs select and nominate students in their laboratories.  Applications consist of the following:

1. A letter of nomination from the student’s thesis advisor

2. A brief description of the student’s research project written by the student nominee.

3. The student’s CV including a list of publications, undergraduate transcripts, GRE scores and grades in CWRU graduate classes.

4. The PI’s NIH Biosketch including current and pending support as well as a list of current and previous Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows including their years of training.


How are applicants selected for appointment?

Appointments are made by the CMBTP Steering Committee.  The entire committee reviews all eligible applicants.   Depending on the number of applicants, the committee will interview the top 50% of applications received as soon as possible after the submission deadline (typically two weeks).  Each student will meet with the committee individually to present a 10 min. talk on his or her research.  The subsequent 5 min. question/answer period will include general questions about career goals as well as queries about the project.

How can I become a faculty Trainer?

PIs who are training faculty in the 10 participating BSTP programs are eligible to serve as trainers.  However, a portion of the evaluation of student trainees is based on the training environment including consideration of funding, accomplishments of past trainees, and productivity.