With funding from the National Institute for General Medical Sciences the CMBTP supports predoctoral students who display exceptional academic and research potential and provides them with enriched training experiences that emphasize multidisciplinary research, interactions between trainers and trainees from different disciplines (from structural biology and enzymology to chromatin structure and cell signaling), and application of cutting edge technologies (including proteomics and next-generation sequencing). 

CMB Training Faculty are drawn from multiple different academic units within the CWRU School of Medicine, but all conduct basic research into the mechanisms of cell and molecular function and many are involved in collaborative projects. 

CMB trainees are supported during the critical juncture, typically from their 2nd- 3rd years, when predoctoral students choose their thesis projects and specialize in one of the ten PhD Programs in the CWRU-SOM.


Application process

Opportunities for training in multidisciplinary science

Trainer/Trainee Seminar series 2012-2013

"Tag-team" format provides a unique context for discussing research advances made by our trainees

One of the signature activities of the CMBTP is the monthly Trainer/Trainee seminars.  In this format the faculty Trainer presents for the first 25 minutes to provide the broad context for the student's research.  The student follows with a description of their recent results and future directions.  The informal 'tag-team' format stimulates interaction between the trainers and their trainees and exposes our students to the broad range of research activities our trainees are engaged in ranging from chemical to cell biology.


Announcing the 2012 -2013 CMBTP Annual Symposium Lecture Series

"Development and Differentiation: From Structure to Function"

The CMB Symposium Series is a student organized series of lectures focusing on an important, emerging topic in cellular and molecular biology

It consists of seminars by leaders in the field, combined with informal presentations on emerging technical and/or conceptual issues.

Find more details on the organizing committee, our sponsors and the outstanding list of speakers at the 2013/2014 CMBTG Symposium Series page