Integrated Graduate Studies (IGS) Program

Qualified CWRU undergraduates may be admitted to our MA program to complete a Master’s degree in Bioethics during their senior year. 

Non-Degree Students can take up to 15 credit hours of Bioethics coursework on a non-degree basis. If the student is subsequently admitted to the M.A. Bioethics Program, completed coursework may be counted towards the degree.

For more information about the MA courses and requirements, go to:

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Want to Get Engaged in Bioethics Before Committing to the MA Program?

  • Bioethics undergraduate courses: Beth 271- Bioethics: Dilemmas; Beth 371- Advanced Bioethics; Beth 371C- Bioethics Clinical Rotations' BETH 315 (B, C, D, E, F, G) International Courses
  • Join the Undergraduate Bioethics Society
  • E-mail us at to sign up for the Conversations in Bioethics lecture series