1. Title: “Bioethics and Citizenship”
PI: Maria Teresa Lopez de la Vieja, PhD, Department of Philosophy, University of Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain (Bioethics and Citizenship aims to explore the implications of the moral and political foundations of societal contexts such as the those of Spain and the United States for particular issues in bioethics).

Mark P. Aulisio, PhD and Stuart J. Youngner, MD

Funding Period: 2010-2012; renewed for 2013-2015

2. Title: “Global Alliance of Bioethics Centers of Excellence” (GABEX)
PI: Akira Akabayashi, MD, PhD, Center for Biomedical Ethics and Law, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Mark P. Aulisio, PhD

Funding Period: 2008-2013

3. Title: “Clinical and Translational Science Award” (CTSA)
PI: Pam Davis, MD, Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

Mark Aulisio, PhD and Nicole Deming, JD, MA, Bioethics and Regulatory Section; Research Subject Advocate
This award is a grant from the National Institutes of Health

Funding Period: 2007-2016

4. Title: “Developing Localized Disease Registries to Enhance Population Management: An Importable Model for Infrastructure Change”
Project Team Leader:  Brook Watts, MD, MS, Louis Stokes Cleveland VAMC

Jason Gatliff, PhD, Chair, Ethical Considerations Team
This project is supported by a grant from the Department of Veteran Health Administration

Funding Period: 2010-2013