Recent Publications by Mark Aulisio, Ph.D.
Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Mary Jo Roach, Nicole Deming, Donna Luebke, Miriam Weiss, and Mark Aulisio, “The Social and Psychological Consequences of Living Kidney Donation,” (in submission, 2013)

Amy Campbell and Mark P. Aulisio, “The Stigma of ‘‘Mental’’ Illness: End Stage Anorexia and Treatment Refusal,”International Journal of Eating Disorders,  45(5), 2012:627-634.

Rodríguez-Arias D., Tortosa, JC., Burant C., Aubert P., Aulisio MP., Youngner SJ. “One or two types of death? Attitudes of health professionals towards brain death and donation after cardiac death in three countries,” Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy (epub ahead of print 3 Dec 2011; print, in press, 2012)

Mark P. Aulisio, “’Facilitated Consensus,’ ‘Ethics Facilitation,’ and Unsettled Cases,” The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Vol. 22, No. 4, 2011: p. 345-353.

Marcia Bailey and Mark P. Aulisio, “The Nurse Administrator on the Ethics Committee: A Collaborative Model,” The Journal of Nursing Management, Vol. 22, No. 12, 2011:  p. 52-54.