I was first introduced to the International Education Programs when I was deciding on a graduate program in Bioethics. I have always enjoyed traveling and the opportunity to experience different cultures and different perspectives, so the courses offered really appealed to me. When I enrolled in the euthanasia course, I was not disappointed. Not only did I get the opportunity to visit Amsterdam, a city I had never been to before, but the lecturers were some of the most important and influential individuals in Amsterdam. We spoke with physicians who had participated in the act, with members of the review boards, and researchers who study the practice, some of whom were in favor of it and others who were quite opposed, which provided an incredibly enriching intellectual experience. Coupled with the ample free time we were afforded to explore the city and night life, the wonderful time I had while on this course is one that I will carry with me for years to come.

- Ryan Holmes

My best experiences here at Case has been my two Spring Break trips – I went to Salamanca during my freshman year and then to Buenos Aires during my sophomore year.  If all goes well, I will head over to Costa Rica as a senior!  Both trips were academically sound, culturally invigorating, and overall, a wonderful experience.  Whether I went with my friends or met new students there, I learned a lot about the respective countries and their views on bioethics and made a great group of friends.  For students who are not able to take a semester abroad due to academic constraints, this is definitely the best alternative that Case offers.  You get to spend a week abroad with fantastic faculty, and a group of interested students who want to do something unique during Spring Break.  If you fit any of the following categories, you have to go! First, if you are interested in any field of bioethics; second, if you enjoy traveling and making memories with your friends; and third, if you want to do something unique during spring break.  I definitely recommend the bioethics spring break trips to everybody!

- Manik Aggarwal

As a freshman, I had dreamed of spending a semester abroad--but with no foreign language skills and a full plate of academia, I did not expect the opportunity to present itself. Fortunately, I found out about the bioethics department's international programs. Spring of my sophomore year, I spent the most memorable 10 days of my college career in Amsterdam learning more about medical ethics, European culture, and myself than a whole semester back home could have taught me. The professors from Case and Amsterdam were insightful, the students from Amsterdam were great, and the experience of meeting individuals involved in the worlds of drug rehabilitation, euthanasia, and health policy was enlightening. I was so impressed that I traveled to Spain with the department in my junior year and had a whole new experience with organ transplantation, feminism, environmental issues, and soccer...I can't wait for what this spring brings. Whether you have an interest in ethics, health issues, public policy, foreign culture, or simply can't fit in that semester abroad, I recommend the department's trips to everyone!

- Tim Anderson

The Paris trip was everything, and more, that I imagined it to be. I was not only able to travel abroad to one of the most beautiful places in the world, but I was also able to learn about a different culture from some of the best professors. Words can�t describe the experiences and friendships I made on this trip; they were truly amazing and irreplaceable... I can't wait to sign up for the next trip in 2009.

- Maria Disotuar

I have always dreamed of traveling the world, and Spain being the top country on the list. When I saw this opportunity being advertised I took immediate interest in it. After finding out more about the subject of Bioethics and finding it to be interesting, my anticipation to go on this trip grew. This was my first time out of the country and I could not have asked for a better excursion to be my first experience in another country. The country was beautiful, the food was delicious, the professors were very intelligent, and the lectures were engaging. The places we visited were phenomenal, and the people I met were great. The access given to the class during our stay in Salamanca was phenomenal and I don't think I could have enjoyed all of these benefits if I stayed for an entire year. This course exceeded far beyond my expectations and I plan on taking advantage of other courses offered in the furture. My life was changed from this trip, and I have gained a greater appreciation for luxuries in America. The dialogue with students from Spain and other parts of the world was incredible and it has altered my perception on life as well. I am truly grateful for being able to take this course.

- Anita Lane

Last spring break I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina and it was by far one of the most amazing college experiences I have ever had the opportunity to encounter. In Argentina, despite the hazards of simultaneous translation, we learned so much from different scientists and ethicists. And we learned even more from the Argentine students who became our classmates turned tour guides. We were exposed to the multi-dimensional culture of Argentina through our lectures and our sightseeing. I made friends with Case students I had never met, and got closer to those I already new. And speaking as an affirmed liberal arts major, I have never enjoyed science as much as my Bioethics trip to Peron's home town.

-Bhavani Raveendran

When I first arrived at Case I was completely clueless as to what major I should choose, what classes I should take, and which clubs to join. The only thing that I was certain about, was that I wanted to study abroad. When I first heard about the Bioethics Spring Break Study Abroad course I knew that it was for me. It was affordable and extremely easy to fit in with the rest of my classes for the semester. The Women's Health course in Amsterdam was incredible. Tours of the Red Light District, lectures from some of the most distinguished professors today, and one-on-one conversations with local Dutch lead me to have the most memorable, 'eye opening' experience -- it was everything that I could have hoped for and more. When I came back to the U.S. my perspectives on various Women's Health issues, such as prostitution and abortion, were changed because of the knowledge I obtained in The Netherlands. Who knew that someone could gain so much in only 10 days? 

-Monique Farone

I've always wanted to travel the world, especially after my father showed me pictures of the year had spent in Austria. So, when the opportunity to do so as a first year student presented itself, I seized it. Not only did I learn a wealth of information from experts in the field, I also got to live the life of  a Parisian for a short but wonderful week. It felt absolutely amazing to tour the hallways of the Louvre, see the City of Lights from the front steps of Sacre Coeur, and sample the delicious food France has to offer. The trip also offered a unique blend of studying and fun. We has access to people, such as the illustrious Christian Herve, and places, such as the hospital where one of the first organ transplants in the world occurred, I couldn't have dreamed of. Towards the end of the trip, I really did not want to leave and promised myself that I will return to Paris someday. The trip offered the perfect blend of adventure, fun, and exposure to Bioethics. I'm definitely looking forward to more trips!

-Chen Yan

My experience in the Women’s Health Course to Amsterdam has been one of the best as an undergraduate. It was so good, in fact, it has inspired me to begin seeking graduate programs in Bioethics, an area of study I had not even considered or knew much about before this year. After having been immersed in the culture of the Netherlands, and learning about their policies from the Dutch perspective in the city, I found everything I learned much more memorable and meaningful. After the trip I have found my perspectives in many areas permanently altered simply by experiencing a culture that viewed those topics differently than the United States. It has really helped me learn to challenge myself to see multiple sides of an issue and not be locked into a single mindset. Instead, it has truly opened my mind to be more understanding of others as well as myself. I loved the experience in Amsterdam so much, and I can not wait to take more courses in the future!

-Maggie Davis

The women's health seminar in Amsterdam, Netherlands was a once in a lifetime experience, both intellectually and personally. Drawing from live resources in the heart of the city, we were able to explore the political and social history of one of Europe's oldest cities in the context of medicine and health practices. Individualized tours of facilities and meetings with health care professionals made the education really engaging and enjoyable. The professors at the host university in Amsterdam also created lectures based on hot topics in women's health issues. The educational schedule also left plenty of time to explore Amsterdam during the day and at night, and the hosts organized several outings around the city. Overall, it was an unparalleled educational experience that offered the cultural benefits of a study abroad semester with the convenience and specialization of a focused seminar.

-Kate Duval

My time spent in Costa Rica was a life changing opportunity that compelled me to analyze my perspective on domestic and global health care. It was also a chance to step outside of the box and into a beautifully diverse country.

-Robert Clark