M.A. / Ph.D.

This program combines the Master of Arts in Bioethics with the Ph.D. in Genetics, in cooperation with the Department of Genetics. The rapid pace of human genetic research has led to an ever-increasing number of complex ethical issues, particularly with respect to reproductive genetics (e.g., cloning, human embryonic stem cells, ethical aspects of vitro fertilization), gene therapy, and genetic "privacy." Accordingly, the need for combined training in genetics and bioethics is becoming increasingly obvious.

Students must apply and be accepted to each program to qualify. Applicants may apply simultaneously to each of the two programs; alternatively, students who are already in residence in one of the two programs may apply to enter the other. The Department of Bioethics accepts 6 elective credits of the Bioethics courses toward the Ph.D. in Genetics degree. For more information about this program, please contact Anne Matthews, Ph.D., at 216.368.1821. To receive an application for the Genetics program, call 216.368.3431, or send an email request to mib17@case.edu .