The Center for Genetic Research Ethis and Law is funded by NIH grant #P50HG03390.

In addition, CGREAL faculty have received other grants to support their work:

  • 2004 NIH R01: Protecting Human Subjects in Genetic Enhancement Research, M. Mehlman
  • 2004 CWRU Presidential Research Initiative Award: Community Engagement for Genetic Research, P. Marshall & J. Berg
  • 2006 NIH F32: Disclosure of Genetic Research Results: A Systematic Evaluation of Regulatory and Bioethical Perspectives to Inform Policy Development, L. Dressler
  • 2006 Greenwall Foundation grant: A Cleveland Regional StoryBank: A Transdisciplinary Program in Narrative and Health, S. Waller & P. Whitehouse
  • 2007, Cleveland-Marshall Fund Summer Research Grant (to complete manuscript): How Genes Tell Stories. New York: Oxford University Press; Forthcoming, D. Davis
  • 2008 NIH R01: Patient perceptions of bioengineered probiotics and clinical metagenomics, R. Sharp & R. Farrell
  • 2008 NIH F32: Direct to Consumer Genomics: Implications for Primary Care Physicians. M. McGowan
  • 2008 Brocher Foundation Visiting researcher fellowship: European Experience with Expansion of Newborn Screening and its Impact on the Expanded Program in Israel, S. Zuckerman
  • 2008 Brocher Foundation Visiting researcher fellowship: Conceptions of Group Harm in Large Scale Biobanks: A comparative analysis of Europe and the United States, A. Goldenberg & M. Butson
  • 2009 NIH Challenge grant: Community Voices on Genomics and Health Disparties, P. Marshall & A. Goldenberg
  • 2010 NIH R01: Personalized genomic medicine, E. Juengst
  • 2010 NIH R01: Colon Cancer and Cancer Genomics Research, P. Marshall
  • 2011 Brocher Foundation Visiting researcher fellowship: Personalized Medicine, M. Lambrix