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Graduate Programs

Students entering through the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) will be assigned to the Anatomy Ph.D. Program according to their interests after completion of the first two years of medical school training.  The full requirements of the MSTP program are available in the MSTP handbook. Research Rotations

MSTP students may select research rotations with any faculty advisor participating in the MSTP, and complete them during their first two years of medical school training, usually during the summer.  MSTP students who have an interest in selecting the Anatomy for their departmental affiliation to earn their Ph.D. degree are encouraged to establish at least one research rotation in a laboratory affiliated with the Anatomy program.

Requirements for MSTP students pursuing the Ph.D. degree in Anatomy

Most required courses should be completed during the first two years of medical school training.  MSTP students substitute medical school academic program for the CBIO 453 and CBIO 455 courses.  Students will take specific elective courses to fulfill the course requirements.  MSTP students rotating in laboratories affiliated with the Department of Anatomy should attend the Anatomy Departmental seminars.

Research rotations

Departmental Comprehensive examination

Candidacy Examination and Thesis examination

Advanced courses

Minimum of two first author manuscripts accepted for publication before thesis defense.

Students are expected to have completed the Anatomy core courses by the end of the second year.  Majority of the core courses are part of the Medical School curriculum.  During the third year, they will take the remaining portion of the Anatomy core courses. 

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