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William Z. Bligh-Glover, MD

Tutoring Protocol

Dr. Bligh-Glover, Director of the Tutoring program at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.  My office is in E-421, I can most reliably be reached by phone at (440) 350-2789, and my e-mail is  My primary appointment is in the Department of Anatomy, in the mornings I am the Lake County forensic pathologist. 

If you are interested in obtaining tutoring help, here is how you go about it:

1.      Get in touch with me.  Students either contact me directly or at the suggestion of their Society Dean.

2.      I will give you the names of three tutors.  I will send an e-mail confirming the information to the student, the tutors, and the student’s Society Dean.

Note: If the tutors do not get an e-mail from me, they will not be paid by the School of Medicine.  Students and tutors are free to come to their own arrangements outside of the School of Medicine.  I applaud initiative and private enterprise, but I won’t fund it.

3.      The student contacts a tutor and arrangements are made.

Tutoring assignments are made through Dr. Bligh-Glover to ensure that no one tutor gets swamped, to control expenses, and to make sure that only eligible students receive tutoring help.  As of 15 September, 2004, tutoring resources of the School of Medicine will be provided only for students who have attended at least 75% of the laboratory sessions in the committees.  The Committee chairs are adamant that tutoring resources are an adjunct that complements the core academic program, and not a replacement for the core academic program.  Mr. Richard Masley and Ms. Mary Modesitt will be taking attendance in the laboratories.  Please make sure they see you in lab.