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LGBTQA Committee Members

The LGBTQA Committee is comprised of faculty, staff, students, and alumni of Case Western Reserve University. Click on a committee member's name below for contact information and to learn why they joined the committee.


Sarah AndrewsSarah S. Andrews, LISW-S
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences (MSASS)

"I joined this committee because I've experience injustice and lack of civil rights in my lifetime. We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, and I want to be part of the change process to make things better for the next generations."

Jane DaroffJane Daroff, LISW
Clinical Social Woker, University Counseling Services
Co-Founder, PFLAG Cleveland
National Board of Directors, Human Rights Campaign

"I became interested in LGBT issues when my son, Rob, told me he was gay. I was eager for Rob to have the same rights and privileges that my other two sons enjoy. In 1985 I helped to co-found the Cleveland chapter of PFLAG with Dr. Jes Sellers. About 10 years later I became very active in the Human Rights Campaign and now serve on the National Board of Directors of HRC. For the past 19 years, I have worked in the University Counseling Service."

Jes SellersJes Sellers, PhD
Psychologist and Director, University Counseling Services
Co-Founder, PFLAG Cleveland

"Case Western Reserve University has made significant strides in transforming our university into a more inclusive place for academic and social engagement. As a psychologist in our university counseling center, I can attest to the difference this more open and welcoming community has had in the lives of our LGBT students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Now more than ever, Case has become a place for people to set aside the social prejudices of the past to work and learn together in an atmosphere of mutual respect. This has happened because of the thoughtful efforts of alumni, faculty, and staff over the years and I am happy to contribute to the continuing investment being made for the future of this great American university."


Mayo BullochMayo Bulloch
Chair, Share the Vision Committee
Director, Educational Enhancement Programs

"The goal of the Share the Vision Committee is to realize a just and humane campus community at CWRU, and one of our guiding tenets is to support the worth and dignity of each individual. The LGBT Committee is instrumental is promoting the ideals of our mission."

Quentin JamiesonQuentin Jamieson
President, Graduate Student Senate View Biography

"As president of the Graduate Student Senate and as a gay man, I am a strong student and LGBT advocate at Case Western Reserve University. In order to build a stronger, more inclusive LGBT community, we must reach out to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students alike as we strive to fulfill our mission."

Christopher JenneweinChristopher Jennewein
Co-President, Spectrum

I am proud to be the Spectrum representative for the LGBT Committee. Part of Spectrum's mission is make the campus a safe place for its LGBT students, and this could not be possible without the efforts of this great committee.

‌Rob KinseyRob Kinsey
Software Developer, Student Affairs IT Operations Group

"As an undergraduate, I was very involved in Spectrum and helped start several new programs including Safe Zone, "gay? fine by me." T-shirt handouts, and the Charity Drag Ball. Post-graduation, I became a staff member and have since served on the LGBT Committee and helped on a number of projects, including the first LGBT Alumni Reunion. I am proud to be a part of all this progress and am doing my part to keep the momentum going."

Tim MarshallTim Marshall
Director of Marketing and Communications, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

"Prior to joining the Case Western Reserve community as a staff member in 2007, I served as director of communications for the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland—one of the oldest and most prominent organizations of its kind in the country. I joined this committee to help connect CWRU students, staff and faculty to community organizations and initiatives and put my experiences from working at the Center to use on campus."

Dorothy MillerDorothy C. Miller, DSW
Director, Flora Stone Mather Center for Women
Clinical Associate Professor, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences View Biography

"Serving on the LGBT Committee has a high priority for me as a citizen of the university and director of the women's center. We are dedicated to the full attainment of equality and social justice and in serving the needs of all women-identified people on campus. Also, as a lesbian myself, I am proud of the progress that the CWRU LGBT committee leaders have made over the years in making this an inclusive, comfortable and safe place for all. I am pleased to be able to help in moving forward."

Glenn NichollsGlenn Nicholls
Vice President for Student Affairs, Office of Student Affairs

"To promote our collective and continued desire to foster a just and humane campus community."

Mel MorganMel Morgan
Second Year Coordinator, Housing, Residence Life & Greek Life

"I joined this committee to give voice to students in housing who are in the LBGT community. I feel very passionate about supporting students who are in all stages of 'out,' from questioning to pride. I hope that my visibility will help students feel more safe in the residence halls and throughout campus."

Judith Olson-Fallon
Director, Educational Services for Students

"I joined this committee because everyone belongs to this campus community! I want to be a part of the process that ensures that membership."

G. Dean Patterson, Jr.G. Dean Patterson, Jr.
Associate Vice President, Office of Student Affairs View Biography

"I've always believed that people are most important but sometimes in a world like ours, madness allows humanity to be placed second."

‌Liz RoccoforteLiz Roccoforte
Director, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center

"I am proud to serve as a member of the LGBTA Committee as a representative of the Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with multiple constituencies from across campus in an effort to make CWRU an even more inclusive community for everyone. I have the privilege of coordinating the Safe Zone program here on campus. Please contact me if you are interested in attending a workshop and becoming a CWRU Safe Zone ally."

Lynn T. SingerLynn T. Singer
Deputy Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Office of the Provost View Biography

"I initiated the LGBT Task Force [the precursor to the LGBTA Committee] at Case in 2004 because one of our community leaders, Natalie Epstein, called to tell me about harassment of a lesbian student on campus. Although we had an active Spectrum organization among undergraduates, we realized that a visible coalition of faculty, staff and students could make a great difference in developing a more inclusive climate for LGBT faculty, staff and students at CWRU. I continue to serve on the committee because I believe that we all are enriched by diversity and that our committee is one of many ways that we celebrate diversity and promote tolerance on campus."