Meet Your Mentor.

Every year students from Case Western Reserve School of Law's J.D. program affiliate themselves with the LL.M. program and its community as student mentors.

These student mentors plan LL.M. social events, familiarize foreign graduates with Northeast Ohio and campus life and help their LL.M. counterparts integrate fully into J.D. classes, as well as the intellectual and professional life of Cleveland's legal community.

In the end, students and mentors become very close friends.

Mentor events include LL.M. study groups, the J.D. vs. LL.M. soccer tournament (a.k.a. the Katz Cup), ski trips to Alpine Valley, apple-picking, fashion shows, holiday celebrations and more. Current mentors include:

Class of 2013-2014
  • Ms. Czarina Powell (3L), chair
  • Mr. Wesley Cheung (3L)
  • Mr. Kun Chang (2L and LLM, Class of 2012)
  • Ms. Morgan Pearse (2L)
  • Ms. Julianne Shi (2L)
LL.M. grads celebrate on the lawn of the Cleveland Museum of Art

What's the experience?

When the law books close, the LL.M. experience opens a new world of cultural experiences, city-living and networking within the legal community and beyond.

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