An Enriching Experience.

The LL.M. program, designed to prepare foreign graduates for global legal practice in their home (or other) countries, where they will work with American law and lawyers, provides students ample opportunity to interact and work with J.D. students and practicing attorneys.

It's easy for LL.M. students to integrate fully into our community's intellectual and professional life. J.D. enrollment is small (65), as is the student/faculty ratio (17 to 1). And only qualified, capable LL.M. students are admitted to the program.

Students receive academic guidance by the program director, law school administrators and the legal community, while student mentors provide additional academic, intellectual and social support.

LL.M. students are offered LL.M.-only courses, including "Doing Business in the U.S.A.," which is taught by leading attorneys in Cleveland. The course analyzes a transnational business transaction and introduces students to basic concepts of U.S. law which are relevant to the transaction. This course enables LL.M. students to compare their unique perspectives about the transaction. "Doing Business in the U.S.A." prepares LL.M. students for advanced law classes.

Interested and qualified LL.M. students can also participate in summer internships (following program completion) with law firms, corporations and courts, where students experience the practice of U.S. law first hand.

English language instructions is available throughout the year for students enrolled in the LL.M. program, and practicing those language skills is a pivotal part of the outside-the-classroom experience students have with friends and mentors. The Summer Language and Law Institute also provides preparation for language use and law study the summer before an LL.M. program begins.

For more information about the LL.M. degree, visit the program's academics section.

LL.M. grads celebrate on the lawn of the Cleveland Museum of Art

What's the experience?

When the law books close, the LL.M. experience opens a new world of cultural experiences, city-living and networking within the legal community and beyond.

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