Your Year(s) in Review.

Not only does each LL.M. class leave Case Western Reserve School of Law with a world-class legal education, they take away close friendships, global connections and a year's worth of cultural experiences, celebrations and memories to last a lifetime. Many of these memories are commemorated in each class's yearbook.

Members from the class of 2004-05 at the Cleveland Indians baseball game
Class of 2004-05

The LL.M. Class of 2004-05 joined in study groups, competed in the Katz Cup Soccer Tournament, attended the Manor House brunch, took a skiing trip to Alpine Valley and celebrated holidays and various dinners.

Sumon Chintala (LLM India) was the class's SBA LL.M. Senator. The year's J.D. mentors included Sarah Barnwell (3L), Katharine Johnson (3L), Rebecca Glick (2L), Rishi Oza (2L), Mark Pustay (2L) .

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LL.M. members attend an event.

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