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A Global Family of Bright Legal Minds

Practicing law in a global society demands a firm grasp of cross-border interests and implications of a nation's laws. Attorneys who advise international clients not only need to understand how to operate in various legal environments, but must communicate and work effectively with other international practitioners. The LL.M. program prepares foreign-trained lawyers for this challenge.

Needs for U.S. and global legal training are growing almost as fast as Case Western Reserve University School of Law's program for foreign graduates. Our LL.M. students come to Cleveland from all over the world and integrate fully into the school's J.D. courses. The students work hand-in-hand with their American counterparts and build lifelong connections in a program that boasts a strong family atmosphere.

While the comprehensive legal research and writing program prepares graduates for internships and opportunities beyond, the LL.M. experience enables students to network within the legal community, polish language skills, explore scholarly topics and absorb elements of American culture and legal environment not found in books. Our international law program, currently ranked #13 in the U.S. by US News and World Report, also provides students with exposure to the latest public and private international law issues. Additionally, students who complete and do well in the LL.M. program will be favorably considered for admission to the J.D. program with advance standing.

Our alumni have found great success in the United States and abroad, advising global businesses, negotiating multi-national contracts and practicing international law with the world's most powerful firms. But wherever our graduates succeed, they remain linked to the LL.M. program, offering our future students inspiration, advice and connections around the world.

Welcome from LL.M. Director: Prof. Katz

Foreign Graduates LL.M. Program Director Professor Lewis KatzFor over 20 years we have maintained an academic environment carefully designed for foreign-trained lawyers seeking the full experience of a U.S. legal education in one year of study. Now I am delighted to introduce our three LL.M. degree programs: U.S. and Global Legal Studies, Intellectual Property and International Business. Our program has grown and our family has expanded, but our three goals remain the same: immersion, qualification and community. Read the director's welcome.

Meet the Current LL.M. Class

Current class of Foreign Graduates LL.M. ProgramTalk about global appeal: each year our students come to the Foreign Graduates LL.M. program at the Case Western Reserve University School Law from all around the world.

This year's LL.M. class features more than 80 students from 15 countries. See where our LL.M. students come from.

Get the LL.M. Experience

More than 600 lawyers from 60 countries have graduated from the Foreign Graduates LL.M. Program. Individual attentionfrom application through graduationprepares students to compete in the 21st century global economy.

When the law books close, the LL.M. experience opens a new world of cultural experiences, city-living and networking within the legal community and beyond.

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