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What is CourseSmart?

CourseSmart is the world's largest provider of digital course materials. The CourseSmart catalog includes over 90% of the core textbooks in use today in North American Higher Education as eTextbooks, from leading publishers including Bedford, Freeman & Worth Publishing Group, Cengage Learning, John Wiley & Sons, McGraw-Hill Education and several others.

CourseSmart's comprehensive selection gives you a new way to find and access exactly the course material you need in one place. Enjoy the benefits of anytime, anywhere access to important course materials at the click of a mouse from any web browser and on many popular devices (including the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch).

What is Faculty Instant Access (FIA)?

CourseSmart’s new Faculty Instant Access program now makes it even easier to access the world’s largest selection of eTextbooks. As a Case Western faculty member, you now have instant online access to textbooks as eTextbooks in every major course area—at

Why would I need FIA from CourseSmart?

With an ever-growing library of more than 14,000 titles from multiple publishers in every course area, you get the textbooks you need as eTextbooks. Instant access to your textbooks online means no shipping, less printing and no waste, saving you time and the earth’s precious resources. Find the most relevant content, when you need it; you can search your texts as easily as you would search the internet. And with Faculty Instant Access, all it takes is an internet connection to access your teaching resources anytime, anywhere.

How do I get the eTextbooks?

(1) From your portal (, click on “Begin using My Bookshelf at CourseSmart.” The first time you click through to CourseSmart, you will be prompted to "Complete Your Profile" which includes selecting a password and accepting the terms of service. After you submit, you will be put through to the CourseSmart bookshelf.

(2) After you submit your profile, you are put through to the CourseSmart Bookshelf. After your initial visit, you will land at the bookshelf immediately. The bookshelf includes a top-level search that allows you to browse the entire CS catalog by discipline, and find all the appropriate titles for your course.

(3) To begin searching our catalog of over 16,000 titles, you can search on key word, title, author, or ISBN. The search in the illustration below was by title (Intermediate Accounting) and author (Kieso).

(4) You can also do a comparative, topic search on your Bookshelf, once you have added titles. Searching all of the eTextbooks on your bookshelf by topic provides a quick, efficient way to start your textbook selection process, and find the text that is most appropriate for your course.

(5) When you have found a title you would like to see, click on the “Get Instant Access” green button on right. You will be taken to the “Get Instant Access” form to complete. Once you have clicked the “Add to My Bookshelf” you will find the title waiting for you there.

What do the eTextbooks from CourseSmart look like?

With CourseSmart eTextbooks, you have the same capabilities you have with a print book: highlighting, note-taking, plus so much more. You will find all the reader functionality on the top row of buttons. The CourseSmart reader also lets you zoom in on text, add notes, email notes to your students with a link to the reference point in the text, and print pages as you need them. (You can print for personal use, 10 pages at a time and up to 150% of the length of the book [ie: if book is 100 pages long, you can print 15 copies of 10 pages from the book]

And, all CourseSmart eTextbooks maintain page fidelity with their print counterparts– page 128 in the print book is also “p. 128” in the eTextbook. This way, if you are using the eTextbook and your students are using the print, or if you have some students using print and some using eTextbooks, you will all be on “the same page.” Notice the “Go to” button on the top. You can always enter a page number there and quickly move around the eTextbook.

What if I have trouble?

Step-by-step instructions are available for key features at or by following the help link in CourseSmart’s Bookshelf or Reader. CourseSmart Customer Service specialists are available 24/7/365 via phone, email or online chat at or 866-588-3197

Can my students purchase eTextbooks from CourseSmart?

Yes. Over 90% of the textbooks used in higher ed classrooms in North America are available as eTextbooks at CourseSmart. And the eTextbooks cost, on average, 50% less than new print books.

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