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How do I access Blackboard 9.1?

Login to the updated Blackboard Learn 9.1 the same way as you have before, using your CWRU Network ID and password. If you have trouble accessing Blackboard, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 216.368.HELP (4357).

Where is my course information from the old version?

Once you login to Blackboard, you will be taken to the Home Page. By clicking on the, “Courses” tab, you will see a list of your Blackboard courses. To access a course, click on it. Please Note: To create a new course, you must access the Blackboard Wizard.

How can I use an existing Blackboard course site for the upcoming semester?

  1. Ensure students' information and grades are copied/exported or are no longer needed.
  2. Remove the old course roster from Blackboard wizard.
  3. Remove TA, graders, faculty from previous semester
  4. Add the new roster to the site (5) Add new TA, grader, faculty to the site
  5. Update the course title if it is needed
  6. Replace the updated syllabus and course material

What do I do if I am teaching a course this semester but it does not appear on the Blackboard Wizard when creating a new course site?

If the Wizard displays a message indicating that you are not assigned to any courses as an instructor, you will need to contact your academic department to determine if you’ve been added to your courses as an instructor in SIS. You will not be able to create a Blackboard site until your department has added you as an instructor to your course.

Where can I find a course site from a previous semester?

Chances are the site has been archived. See, “Restoring an Archived Site” in the Instructors Manual in the Training materials section.


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