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Adobe Presenter is a Microsoft PowerPoint add-on for producing rich, eLearning-enabled courses. It is available to faculty and staff members through the Software Center.

Information Technology Services (ITS) offers training resources for adding audio, video and quizzes to presentations, as well as publishing presentations to Adobe Connect for use in meetings and online courses. Download the manual.

Best practices

Follow these best practices for developing a presentation using Adobe Presenter:

  • Create your PowerPoint presentation in its entirety before incorporating Presenter attributes, such as audio, video or quizzes.
  • If you plan on using audio in your presentation, prepare your PowerPoint with animations that will enhance your message. Animations may be synchronized with audio once the audio is recorded.
  • Once finished, duplicate your presentation, rename it and add Presenter attributes only to that version. This will allow you to use your non-Presenter version for classroom teaching and your Presenter version for online teaching.

Getting help

For assistance anytime, contact the ITS Service Desk at or 216.368.HELP (4357).


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