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Adobe Connect version 9 is coming soon!

New features include:

What is Adobe Connect?

  • A web conferencing system.
  • An online classroom.
  • A place to record lectures.
  • A virtual location for meetings.
For what can Adobe Connect be used?
  • Professional development opportunities.
  • Distance learning.
  • Virtual office hours.
  • Hosting guest speakers from around the world.
  • Conducting online review sessions for students.
  • Virtual tutoring room.
  • Departmental meetings.
  • Committee meetings.
  • Student government meetings.
  • Meetings with vendors.
  • Research projects.
  • and more!

Using an interface built on the Flash player, Adobe Connect integrates several tools into an online meeting room, including video conferencing, live polling, chat, whiteboards, desktop sharing, and file sharing. These tools can be used in any combination to facilitate the meeting you wish to hold.

Adobe Connect can host live, interactive meetings; serve as a forum for presentations; or act as a video conferencing system. Connect can be a valuable tool for collaboration, allowing many people to be in conference without requiring them to leave the resources of their offices. Connect also streamlines scheduling and automates invitations to meetings, making the task of setting up a meeting much easier.
In order to use Adobe Connect you will need a browser, the Flash Player plug-in, and an internet connection.
To start a web conference, go to
Training Opportunities

The demonstration gave an overview of new features as well as how flexible options enable its use as a virtual classroom, virtual office, lecture capture system and general-use meeting room.

Quick Reference Guide

The ITS Training group has assembled a Quick Reference Guide in order that meeting hosts, presenters and participants can quickly find the directions they need to perform tasks like creating meetings, operating meetings, presenting a meetings and attending meetings. Download the Quick Reference Guide here. To request print copies, email with your name, department, location, and the quantity of guides needed.

Training partner offers Adobe Connect Essential Training. To access this training series, Log in to the CWRU portal, click on Software at the top of the screen, select "c" and choose Connect from the list of software titles. Alternately, enter "connect" into the Search field and select Adobe Connect Essential Training from the search results.

Adobe TV

Adobe Systems, Inc., has also produced a series of videos on how to use the Connect software. Topics are listed on the right. The Play buttons take you to videos on Adobe TV that are relevant to the stated topic. Please note: not all functionality described in Adobe TV videos can be accessed by users in the domain.

Instructional Guides

The ITS Training group has assembed a series of instructional guides on the most common tasks that must be performed by meeting hosts, presenters and participants. Topics are listed on the right. Click on the PDF buttons to see user guides for the stated topics. A complete manual is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ITS Training group has assembed a list of frequently asked questions about Adobe Connect 8. See the FAQ here. To submit a question, email it to

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