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Classroom Types

Classroom Types

The evolution of classroom technology at Case Western Reserve University has resulted in the development of a three-tier approach to system design and implementation. Each tier is designed to add an additional level of functionality to the overall system. They are built upon a foundation consisting of a well-designed classroom environment and campus network. The following table shows the components available to each level of classroom. Clicking on the levels (1, 2, and 3) will take you to a more detailed explanation of each one.

Classroom Features Matrix

Equipment / feature: Level 1Level 1.5Level 1 HDLevel 2Level 2 HDLevel 3Active Learning
Video Display
Standard Def (1024x768)
X X   X   X  
Video Display-
High Def (720 p)
    X   X   X
Laptop/ Portable Device
VGA Connection
X X X X   X X
Laptop/ Portable Device
HDMI Connection
    X   X   X
Auxiliary audio and
video connection
X X X X X X  
Stereo audio playback X X X X X X X
Network Connection X X X X X X X
Telephone       X X X X
VCR/DVD Player   X   X   X  
Blu-Ray Player         X   X
Document camera   X   X X X X
Computer with
LCD display
  X   X X X X
LCD Display with
Touch Panel Control
        X   X
Mouse/Keyboard for
In-Room PC
  X   X X X X
Integrated AV
Control System
      X X X X
Lectern       X X X  
Remote AV
Support System
      X X X X
Annotation via
Touch Panel
Videoconferencing           X  
Instructor camera           X X
Instructor microphone           X X
Student camera           X  
Student microphones           X  
Remote site display           X  
Apple TV             X
Small Group
Collaboration Pods